Alternative Ending to Little Red Riding Hood

Big Bad Wolf - Animals Characters


We looked at writing our own ending to Little Red Riding Hood from the Wolf’s point of view.  This is Caitlin’s brilliant version.  Enjoy it because I did.

My version of little red riding hood by the wolf!!!

I was behind a tree because I was building a bird house, then I overheard little red riding hood talking the woodcutter about going to grandma’s house so I knew there was a house nearby so I  went to find it.

When I found it I knocked on the door and asked for a couple of nails to finish off the bird house ,but at the time she fainted I think it was to do with me being too good lucking or something but I felt sorry for little red riding hood because if it was me coming home to my grandma’s house I would feel all kinds of emotions I would feel sad because I love her but I would feel happy because I would get to eat all the goodies so I decided to pretend to be grandma so little red wont now a thing about it the worst thing that could happen is I could get arrested so I was just doing a favour for little red but at the time I heard a knock I quickly put grandma in the closet and rushed into bed ,then  I said come in my dear. “Grandma what big eyes you have?” I said “em all the better to em see you with err my dear” [nailed it] [phew] “and grandma what big ears you have? “well all the better to hear you with? And grandma” what big teeth you have? All the better to … EAT YOU WITH I said playfully. You know it’s what grandmas do try to be funny.[ waaaaaaaaaa]then a wood cutter came in and hit me with not one but not two but[ Waa]three hits of his axe and it really hurt . and that was the end of it all!!!

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